Reservation Book

CRM Driven Reservation Management

Have no reservations about reservations.

Replacing pen and paper is not a novel idea. You know what is? Our customizable, CRM-integrated reservation book. SevenRooms intimately ties reservations to existing guest profiles and helps you to build new ones. Let's be honest, the who is more important than the where and when.

Multi-location Management.

Have multiple locations? No problem. We'll combine all reservation data into a single profile for a unified view of the customer, and make it easily accessible.

Mobile & Web Access 24/7.

Stay connected to your reservation book with our super sleek web portal, and on-the-go with our idiot-proof iPad and iPhone apps.

Automated Reporting & Alerts.

If you are anti-electronics, that's fine too--we'll deliver automated pre-service summaries, close out reports and customizable system alerts to always keep you in the loop.

"We can finally service our clients needs and preferences based on past experiences and guest profiles we have built in SevenRooms"- Jordan Mazuryk, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Front Of House

Intelligent In-Service App

Treat every guest like a regular on the regular.

There's more to a host stand than simply seating guests, so we created a system that powers better decision making on-the-fly.

Guest profiles.

Switch from reactive to proactive service with rich guest profiles that track everything from allergies to guest preferences and reservation history. Long gone are the days of the endless “notes” field.

In-service alerts.

Did your super-VIP just check-in? Did table 21 just order a $300 bottle of wine? We'll send an alert so the GM knows where to go next.


Our native iPad app is lightning fast and continues to work even when the spotty WiFi goes down.

"SevenRooms has exceeded our expectations by improving venue operations and driving immense sales with its rich CRM."- Natalie Brown, Live Nation


Performance Enhancing Reservation Request Management

Nobody likes to play a game of telephone.

One single place that consolidates and tracks every action taken on inbound requests across your entire team. Exchange messages, send attachments and make reservation offers within this dynamic hub, ensuring timely and seamless communication with guests. Never be in the dark about what was said, what was offered, or who still needs a response. Remember, the guest experience starts the moment they reach out to your team.

"SevenRooms keeps all reservation requests organized and in one place. This cuts down on the back and forth and allows me to give quick responses. It is super user friendly and a great system!"- Cyrus Burner, Major Food Group


A Personalized Experience For Every Guest, Every Visit.

Guest data that finally makes cents.

Did one of your regulars go to your sister property in Miami last week? He did. He also ordered the $300 Cabernet, and FYI, he's allergic to gluten. Tracking these small but imperative details ensures a seamless experience across all your properties from the moment they arrive to the moment they sign the check, and most importantly, keeps them coming back.

Cross-property profiles.

With a unified guest profile across all sister properties, your team is powered with knowledge to ensure your regulars are regulars everywhere.

Slice, dice & export.

Use our search and filtering tools to run customized reports on your database or create targeted marketing campaigns. No more messy excel sheets on your desktop.

Custom profile management.

From the get go, we track over 100 guest data points including total spend and visits across your properties. That's just the beginning--this system is yours to customize with client codes and reservation tags to be used globally across the group or specific to a location.

Database cleanup.

We have an entire team of nerds on hand to apply really complex scrubbing techniques to your existing database. We'll clean it up, remove the dupes and run an import to make it seem like you've had SevenRooms forever.

"SevenRooms allows us to give our VIP clients a more curated experience on a multi-city and nationwide basis by providing us with the tools to track and understand our top client's needs on a personal, human, level. Information is power, and that is exactly what SevenRooms has enabled us to obtain."- Teresa Panico, LDV Hospitality


Acquire new customers, engage your existing ones

You call the shots.

Rules-based reservation book.

Setup recurring or one-time rules to grant segmented and tiered access to your reservation book across our network or within your own. Decide who receives special access and first dibs on prime time reservations.

Reservation widgets.

A widget placed on your website or social media pages creates an easy channel to push reservations, accept requests and add custom perks. Offer private reservation inventory to VIPs and neighborhood locals using our reservation rules.

Advanced email marketing.

Want to see a list of your most loyal guests across locations? Or all upcoming special occasions for your guests in January? How about re-engaging regulars who haven't visited in 3 months? Finally, this rich data is available to you with a couple clicks.

Corporate networking.

Attract high-value guests from our carefully curated network of partners who book via our private platform. Partners range from local hotel concierges, nationally acclaimed private membership groups and Fortune 500 companies.

Open API's.

As an API enabled platform, we allow you to market on 3rd party channels and plug directly into our system. Why should you be limited? The more, the merrier.

"SevenRooms has transformed our Live Nation corporate marketing efforts. I would highly recommend SevenRooms to any start-up to large corporation."- Natalie Brown, Live Nation


Prioritize Your Standby Guests

Good things come to those who wait.

Would you tell Warren Buffett to grab a drink at a bar for an hour? Didn't think so. When adding to the waitlist, we'll show you guest profile details before you quote a wait time. From there, you can send automated, yet customizable text messages to keep the guest informed as their lucky moment approaches.

POS Integration

Automated Profile Building

Don't lift a finger.

It's putting numbers to a face. It's knowing client preferences without asking. We magically track spend data and order history so you don't have to. By connecting the POS, your front-of-house and marketing teams will love you... and so will your guests.

"Since SevenRooms integrates with our POS system, final spends are automatically saved and connected to guest profiles. Valuable data gets stored permanently in our CRM."- Cameron Fulks, DrYnk


Your Digital Reservation Assistant

Siri is so 2010.

AVA books your reservations on-the-go via email and confirms it in real time. She's smart, too, using natural language processing to ensure a flawless booking process. With no learning required and only one email, your reservation is on the books instantly.

"With one e-mail, AVA confirms reservations in seconds whether I am at the gym, in a meeting or traveling internationally. No exaggeration, my girl AVA is a life saver."- Laurent Baud, Tao Strategic

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